Zeus Resources Company Development Strategies

a)     Company’s development strategy

  • To create an influential resource-based enterprise in Australia that integrates exploration and development.
  • Core culture: open, honest, robust, and efficient.

Notes on Strategies

a)     Types of minerals

Focus should be put on metallic minerals and uranium. The reason being first of all the traditional strengths of ZIMC are exploration on metal ore with technical advantages in terms of metallic minerals; second being involved merely in the uranium industry means the risk cannot be dispersed, hence greater risks; Third, despite the current less than ideal status of the uranium industry, the resource bottlenecks in China, India and other major countries means the direction to and development of nuclear power is inevitable. Therefore, in the long run uranium is an industry with potential, the future price is expected to be good. We are already involved in the field of uranium exploration, so we should keep the focus on this area.

b)     Key areas of international development

Priority should be given to local projects in Australia, followed by Canada, South America, then South Pacific and Africa.