Our Business (MISSION)

Create and grow sustainable value for our stakeholders through the application of best practices in exploration and mining, and our commitment on protecting the health and well-being of our employees and the environment in the communities where we work.

Our Company Statement (VISION)

At Zeus Resources Limited we are committed to developing the Company into a world class exploration and mining company with a dedication to, and respect for, the environment, a strong commitment to safety for all our employees, promoting sustainable development of those communities within which we operate, exercise labour practices that respect the culture and diversity of our employees, and the commitment to act with utmost integrity, honesty and in good faith.

Our Commitment (VALUES)

1.      Zero Harm – Zero harm to our employees, the environment and communities is our goal;

2.      Dignity and Respect – Equal treatment and opportunity for all employees with transparent processes founded on dignity and respect and encouraging a sense of ownership;

3.      Sustainability – Sustainable growth supported by a safe, profitable, and socially responsible business while developing long-term resources;

4.      Collaboration – Productive and ethical working relationships, transparent and responsive dialogue with surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders;

5.      People – We acknowledge that our people are our greatest asset and are thus committed to providing a decent and safe work environment, offering opportunity for personal and professional development, and promoting self-protection, austerity, ethics, integrity, and honesty;

6.      Excellence – A commitment to focus on a culture of best business practices.